Brown Bed & Bath

Phew it’s been a while. Ok, it’s been a month but I got really out of my weekly habit. I’d make and film a build every Sunday and then through the week gather the CC, edit and upload by Saturday or so. But I guess I got caught up doing I don’t know what plus I’ve been just exhausted lately. No sleep is enough sleep!  Anyway, I also had a little mental block. I attempted a London-style townhouse. Now, I live in London so obviously I know what they look like but it just…didn’t come out right. I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted. Honestly I hadn’t been feeling too proud in my builds, I felt they just weren’t coming out too right. My most popular rooms are the modern kitchen and the girly bedroom, I wondered why but probably because they just looked super nice.

I decided to switch it up. I went for a colour I seldom see much: brown. I’m such a big fan of brown rooms, they look so luxurious! So I created a brown based bedroom with an attached bathroom. Now this build is nothing fancy at all, like I used minimal clutter but I really like it! It looks pretty lush. 81a574c6e47adc7a96ec6038dfb0184b-1



Link is in the video description. 


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