Lofty Kitchen

A kitchen that fits perfectly in a loft/apartment or in a regular home. It has a long empty wall that you can remove to open up the room to a different one.Although mainly white this kitchen contains pops of colour in it’s accessories, something I don’t do often enough. This kitchen also comes with a dining area by the window. Honestly it’s not tested so I’m not sure how practical it is, it just looks nice. I’m sure they can use the two regular chairs though. Well I love how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it too!

In the video I slowed it down this time. I never did have my vids to fast but somehow I got into the habit of having them as fast as possible. Well this one is much slower so I hope you enjoy it not being so fast 🙂

loftkitchen03-05-17_4-14-20 PM03-05-17_4-14-42 PM



6 thoughts on “Lofty Kitchen

  1. Michel says:

    Oh yes! Sorry, I did not realize I had to go to YouTube. Why not post the link right on your page? Anyway, found how it works. Thanks, you have some pretty nice stuff here! 🙂


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